Leadership Amherst Applications are now being accepted

May 2, 2018

Leadership Amherst seeks to develop community and business leaders to help guide Amherst County into a prosperous future for its citizens and businesses.  In Leadership Amherst, experienced speakers and facilitators guide participants through the trusted leadership principles that drive employee engagement and are the foundation for today’s high-performance teams and communities.  

Leadership Amherst will provide training and skills you need to lead effectively in today’s changing environment. The curriculum will cover the skills needed to persuade and influence others.  The program will help you examine your organization and how to think about the future.  You will learn how to communicate your vision in a way that truly motivates the people around you while being a much more effective and productive leader. You will network with other business, civic and government leaders and draw on their experiences to provide a more connected workforce for our County.

Leadership Amherst’s inaugural class graduated in May 2018 and participants learned leadership skills, met local government officials, visited County businesses and made connections while networking with peers and local leaders. “One of the biggest takeaways from Leadership Amherst are all the local contacts that we made. I would have never had the opportunity to meet some of the business owners and government officials if it weren’t for Leadership Amherst,” said Jon Schonning. “Gaining knowledge on topics such as crucial conversation techniques, ethics in the workplace was immediately applicable to my work,” says Ron Campbell.

Be a part of the second class of Leadership Amherst, learning what it takes to be a stronger leader and growing connections and friendships along the way. We are planting the seed for tomorrow’s leaders. 

 Applications for Leadership Amherst

2018-2019 Class Schedule